Fine, soft, comfortable, suede is definitely a marvellous material.  Not one which ages well without proper care though.  The care of suede items has always been the realm of professionals only.  No longer.  Bellini’s Suede Care Kit allows anyone, in minutes, to cleanse and renew suede, restoring it to its original condition.  Elicitng that “Wow!, how do you keep your suede like new?

Suede Doctor spray

Deluge spray




Directions booklet

Directions booklet

Spray Suede Doctor generously on the whole surface from a distance of 15-20cm.

Immediately rub with a cloth to absorb

Apply again sparingly and let dry.

Rub the suede with a sponge to remove any dust and to raise the leather fibers.

Then spray Deluge from a distance of 15-20cm.

Then spray Deluge from a distance of 15-20cm.